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MALACHITE      (Click HERE for more information on malachite)

The "Queen of the Nile"

The Queen of the Nile is a matched set of handmade earings and necklace composed of African malachite (the Congo), Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver beads and spacers, wrapped in sterling silver wire.

The focal stone is a thick free-form, hand-cut, ground, and polished from a piece of malachite 3.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches high.

This particular piece is sold. Another one, custom-made for you, would look much like this in the necklace and earrings. But the focal piece would be one-of-a-kind, shaped and polished exclusively for you, and wrapped in silver wire in such a way that the frame would not be like any other. Truly, a one-of-a-kind set for a one-of-a-kind person...

PRICE:  $350.00


"Queen of the Nile"

"Oceanus Veridus "

Oceanus Viridus, or "green ocean," is a free-form malachite pendant and earring set wrapped in sterling silver and accented with emerald green and clear Swarovski crystals.

The stone is approximately 2½ inches long. From top to bottom, the pendant is 3¼ inches long.

The earrings, made a split piece of malachite to preserve mirror-images of the stone pattern, are about 1½ inches long. Rather than using earwires, these earrings are shown suspended from clips to accommodate clients without pierced ears. However, either type of suspension can be provided at no additional charge.

PRICE:  $140.00

"Oceanus Viridus"

(Green Ocean)

"Emerald Angel"

To achieve the distinctive shape of an angel in a full-length robe, the 2½ inch malachite focal piece of the Emerald Angel approximates a triangle, softened with curves and scooped out at the bottom. The stone is wrapped in sterling silver and adorned with twisted silver wire wings, accented with green and clear Swarovski crystals and silver beads.

The Emerald Angel is sold individually or as part of a set that includes freeform malachite earrings. The earrings may be mounted on earwires or ear clips, at the client's discretion. Typical earrings, available separately, are shown below the Emerald Angel

PRICE:  $140.00  (pendant only)

             $170.00 (pendant / earring set)

"Emerald Angel "

Malachite Earrings

Three types of earrings are available...

Fancy. This set, approximately 1½ inches long, is enhanced with silver wire work and clear and emerald Swarovski crystals. Designed specifically for more formal wear.

PRICE:  $50.00

Simple. This set, enhanced with in-line Swarovski crystals (emerald and clear) and a crenellated silver bead is suitable for less formal wear.

PRICE:  $30.00

Ear Studs [awaiting picture]. These ear studs, about ½-inch across, are suitable for informal wear. They contain no adornment at all. The ones shown are square, but they can be shaped to suit any taste.

PRICE:  $20.00

Malachite Earrings - Fancy

Malachite Earrings - Simple


Malachite Ear Studs