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Grüne Hölle


The Grüne Hölle is a massive piece of malachite, from "the heart of darkest Africa," the Congo. The shield-shaped piece is 2½ inches high and 2 inches wide, secured with 20-gauge sterling silver.  This particular example (my own personal piece) is suspended on a 17-inch Byzantine sterling silver chain. But it could just as easily accept a rawhide or braided leather cord. Your stone has a unique pattern all its own, but it's guaranteed to be eye-catching.

Where does the name come from...?

In 1960, Jackie Stewart, later a three-time Formula 1 driving champion, first drove the Nordschleife (north loop) of the Nürbergring, at one time the most dangerous Formula 1 race course in the world.

Jackie Stewart

Upon finishing the harrowing 28 kilometer circuit, Stewart pronounced it "the green hell," because of both its difficulty and the fact that it was completely within the thick Eifel Forest of western Germany. In April 2013, I was privileged to drive the same course...one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life! I subsequently created and named this massive malachite pendant  Grüne Hölle to commemorate my own Nordschleife experience.

(Green Hell)