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Cavern Splendor

The Cavern Splendor is a matched pendant and earring set made from stalactites that have been sliced horizontally, like a loaf of bread, then mounted on a sterling silver tab with a silver wire frame. Clear and amethyst-colored Swarovski crystals alternate with silver beads to frame the stalactites.

The larger stalactite slice (the pendant) is about three inches in diameter, including the silver wire frame. The smaller slices (earrings) are about an inch and a half long by an inch wide, in heart-shaped frames.

Your stalactite set will be custom-made to order, using your selections from available slices, below.

PRICE:  $350.00

Cavern Splendor

Where does it come from? How is it made?

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Florentine chain

An additional option for the "Cavern Splendor" set (or for any other set that we offer) is a sterling silver choker comprised of a florentine "V" mounting and chain.

The choker will attach to any pendant and can be made removable for flexibility, so that the pendant may be worn with a simple chain or satin cord, if desired.

Add the florentine choker to your set, or acquire it separately for other jewelry pieces.

PRICE:  $60.00