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Wild pigs are found the world over. The one at right was killed about 30 miles north of Sarasota, Florida, in a rural area where wild pigs have multiplied and thrived over the past several decades. This boar weighed 1,200 pounds.

We have a supply of boar's tusks that make impressive amulets when suspended from braided rawhide. (See image below right) Some of our tusks come from Asia (specifically, Thailand and Indonesia). These are often hand-carved by artisans before they come to us.

A boar's tusk on a rawhide cord makes an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for "the man who has everything." (Trust me... he doesn't have one of these!)

1,200-pound boar killed 30 miles north of Sarasota, Florida






The BASIC BOAR'S TUSK is four inches long, capped in sterling silver, and suspended from a two-point silver wire frame. Pewter end-caps accent the connection between the tusk frame and the braided cord. A chain closure is also connected to the rawhide the same way. It's suitable for either casual or semi-formal wear (pictured).

Basic Boar's Tusk







The CARVED BOAR'S TUSK is also about four inches long but is carved at the top. It is shown suspended from a single-point (rear) silver wire frame, but it can also be fashioned with a two-point suspension, as shown in the BASIC BOAR'S TUSK image (Add $20.00). The plain braided cord is less formal than the in the basic. A chain closure is also connected to the rawhide the same way.

Carved Boar's Tusk