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Ammonites - "The Fingerprint of God "

Ammonites are fossils. The are the petrified remains of sea creatures that lived from about 400 million years ago until the "great extinction" of the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. So, any ammonite you see will be very, very old.

Ammonites can be made of agate, like the ones at right. But they also come "opalized," like the one below-left, or made of hematite with pyrite, like the one below-right.

"The Fingerprint of God"

(Pendant only)

PRICE: $120.00

"The Fingeprint of God"

Matched set (pendant and earrings)

PRICE:  $150.00

Why do we call it "the Fingerprint of God"...? Click HERE to find out!




The "Fingerprint of God" set (pendant and matching earrings) is made from ammonites found in Morocco. The ammonites we use come in various sizes, from three-quarters of an inch in diameter to more than 3 inches across. (Ammonites are found as large as 3-4 feet across, but these are obviously too large for jewelry).

The raw ammonites are then split down the middle, creating two mirro-image halves. The cut face is then polished, the back side flattened, and the ammonite is ready for wrapping in either sterling silver or 14k-gold filled wire. Swarovski crystals and gold beads accent the finished piece.

We endeavor to match an attractive ammonite of the right size with your specifications.